Monday, October 15, 2012


My thoughts today have been crazy, to say the least. I have walked around doing my daily things and I stop to ponder on God's blessings in my life. Three years ago today I laid in a hospital bed not sure if my little blessing growing within was going to make it into my arms. At 28 weeks pregnant, my water breaks late into the evening. By the time I make it to the hospital and get checked, it is very evident that my husband was going home without me. WellStar Cobb was going to be my home for the next several weeks. The tearful long weeks have pasted and today I have a precious little girl, who is one of God's blessings in my life. Almost 3 or not, I still carry her around on my hip like she is still a baby. Not really wanting her to grow up but oh how she has grown. She is a very independent little girl, feisty, blankie/pacy holder (and don't take either one away from her unless you get her approval). She can sing the ABC's and Jesus loves me better than anyone I know and she can hang with her two older siblings just fine. She is an amazing child and I love her so very much. Oh and if you ask her her name she will quietly say....JenaBug!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

growing pains....

I'm having a few myself. I'm trying out a new style for my hair. My daughter loves it, Joey likes it and I'm not sure yet. I'm a natural curly headed gal who has to color her hair on a regular basis for....we'll say natural reasons. I get this from my mom's side of the family. Thanks Helton's.

And this year...I'm turning the big 40! I can't believe it. After all these years and now I'm going to turn an age that I used to think was so old. Thankfully my 7 yr old tells my that I will never be old to her. And this is why I color my hair so that I will not look like her grandma instead of her momma.

I'm not the only one in the house having growing pains. Jaci the 7 year old wanted to turn back into a baby last night. She even went as far as saying she wanted to wear a diaper again. In the mist of all this I was going back and forth to bathrooms bathing my kids, getting them out, dried off, putting on pj's and putting on Jena'a diaper. Who still needs it right now. She is only 2! Her daddy did come and "baby" her for a while. She loved it. And I had to carry her into the kitchen this morning, just to make her feel like a "baby" again. OH my back!

Then there's my 3 year old, who got in time out yesterday for not listening to his teacher. Seems this continued when he got home. I was turning on my flat-iron, cause I'm working on my new due, and I tell him not to touch it cause it will be hot. About this time I turn it on turbo so I can hurry. We were getting ready to take Jaci to practice. Well, guess what, he didn't listen again and touched the iron and burned his little, 3 yrs old thumb. Oh my! So now I'm doctoring up this burn which I know is very painful but I could not get on to him cause I knew he was in so much pain. I did tell him, "see what happens when you don't listen to mommy." I got a huge scream out of that one. He falls asleep at the dinner table and so I hold him close. I really felt like a bad mom for this one.

Last but not least is our Jena-bug. The one who is still in diapers cause I think she is just still too little for potty training and she still needs her pacy. I think her growing pains are hurting me more than her. I had a Kodak moment with her today but no memory left on my camera. She put her doll in her high chair and was pretending to feed the baby. She had a bottle and a dish for food and was feeding the baby with a spoon. I almost cried! She is so precious.

All of our gifts from God are so precious, even my hubby that He gave me.

Thursday, January 26, 2012 there a spider in my shoe?

Being in a hurry, as usual, I realize it is time to go get Joseph from the Mother's morning out program and Jena has fallen asleep on me while I'm on the computer. Joey has me on assignment to find out how to start him a blog or a free website for his ministry. So I quickly grab my purse with Jena in my arms and I remember that I have some slip on shoes outside the door. These shoes have suffered many days with me. I love these black slip on shoes. But while I'm rushing to lock the door and pull it behind me with my big purse and holding a 2 year old, I slip on my faithful shoes. And quickly I think, almost in a panic, is there a spider in my shoe? Could there be? Sure I think. I move my toes around and I don't feel anything unusual, so I continue on to the car to try and put Jena in without waking her up. I figured that if a spider was going to bite me that it would happen quickly since I did disturb his nice warm spot. Thankfully, I haven't found a spider or bug in my shoe that waits for me outside everyday.

This got me to thinking that I should not take things for granted that maybe one day there will be a spider in there and it might decide to bite. So this also got me to thinking about my children and how they take many things for granted but as they get older they will start to understand what that really means.

Everyday we see the news and more and more children are being taken from their families cause of kidnapping and normally the end is not good. I don't even like for my kids to play on the carport by themselves without me being right there. My husband and I were just talking about when we were kids and we would ride our bikes or walk to the store with our friends and thought nothing of it. And neither did our parents, cause they let us go.

We have to watch for the wolves in sheep's clothing. Not only for ourselves but for our children. We should pray and pray for our children,and our families for God's protection. Cause one day you may have a spider in your shoe.

Blessings to you!

Tuesday, June 21, 2011


This is truly an amazing story and it's true and it just happened today. Life is busy as we know it. Today is our running around day. We started off at piano practice, had to return some keys to the church and we had to run back home, cause I, yes mommy forgot a juice cup. Joseph was not happy about this. He still was not happy after he had his cup in his hand and he let us all know it....all the way to our next stop, which was Wal-mart.
I just had a few things to get and we quickly ran through the isles we needed and headed for the check out, we are doing good and it's not even 10:30 yet. Oh, and Joseph finally settled down.
We are headed to the car trying to rush before our candy that I bought ourselves for good behavior melted, cause it is hot out there. Jaci is helping me get the doors open and bags in the car, just being a good helper.

I might want to mention that since I knew we had a few places to go, I always pack a snack and drink for everyone, this time I told the kids to pick out one toy to bring and a movie for the ride. For Jena, knowing it would be close to nap time before we got home I brought her blankie. This blankie was given to her by Pop and MawMaw Jewel from their trip to TN. This blankie is a black bear cause they got it from the Great Smokey Mountains and I must mention that she loves this blankie. She sleeps with this blankie, has had professional pictures with this blankie cause that was the only way she was going to cooperate. So needless to say this blankie is special.

So I'm putting the groceries in the car and Jena who didn't want to sit in the buggy is standing in the buggy waiting for me to get her out. She finds her blankie in her bag. It is stuck so I help her and she and I take the buggy to the buggy cart cause I have been well trained by my husband. Plus I always try to park beside one to make things easier on me. We get in the car and I start to open our candy and we enjoy our candy on the way home. Cause we deserve it of course, we have worked hard and it's now only 10:45. By the time we get home Jena will be ready for her nap.

Now we are all chocolate happy and as I'm emptying out the car I start to almost panic. I can't find Jena's blankie anywhere. I thought I was going to throw-up! I don't remember her having it when I was putting her in her car-seat at Wal-mart. I hurry to put the cold stuff up and thankfully Jena was so tired she laid right down with no fuss. But I, yes mommy, was about to be sick. I call Joey and he is disappointed to. I call Wal-mart, no one found it. I call granma!
I can't stand it. I'll be sick if I don't go back. She comes and I go. Yes....I'm praying for this blankie. Hoping some other little girl didn't find and say "mommy can I have it." Or was blankie laying there wondering if we would ever return. I was planning a trip to TN in my head to get it replaced. Tears are wailing up.

I pull in the parking lot and in the distance I see still in the buggy corral and tan figure. Could it be, really could it be? YES! YES it is! It's there still in the buggy. I couldn't put it in park fast enough. Thank you Lord I shouted as I picked up that bear and hugged it. I got in the car and tears were flowing. Thankfully tears of joy and thankful for this answered prayer.

Could God really do such a thing? Sure He can and He did. His love for me and my family still Amazes me. As I right this, Jena is sleeping with he favorite toy...her bear blankie and I have picture to prove it. Love "bears" all things...
Blessing to you and your family!

Sunday, May 8, 2011

....another Mother's Day...

Today is not just another Mother's Day for me. I do take them seriously and take them to heart. Now that my 6 yr old is older and in school, she brings home many Mother's Day presents. Even today I received not one but two flowers from my younger children who really don't get what today is but that's okay....I cherish those presents also. The sad thing is...those pretty purple flowers will not last long in this house. I do not have a green thumb.

Mother's days used to be very hard on me. I tried to avoid them as much as possible. For eight years I sat through Mother's Day service after service trying not to cry and wondering why can't I be a mommy. Did I question God? Sure I did. Did He tell me why? No He did not. Even after my first pregnancy ended in miscarriage I asked why? Was it to be able to minister to other women who go through the same thing. YES! Shortly after, I was able to minister to a young bride after her first miscarriage. And now she too has been blessed with 3 children.

My heart still goes out to the wives who are trying to get pregnant and can't or have had a miscarriage or more. I don't know the answer as to why? But I do know this. That only peace will come through your dependence on Jesus Christ who knows all and is all. Will each time you hear of someone expecting or another Mother's Day rolls around get easier? Probably not. But be happy for those who are or becoming Mother's and be glad you have a Mother if she is still on this earth no matter how your relationship is with her. I do pray that if the desire in your heart is to be a mom, then you pray without ceasing, and you pray that God opens your womb as this was prayed for me. I am so thankful for the power of prayer. After many years, God has blessed me with two daughters and a son. And I cherish this Mother's Day.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Still Amazed!

I was looking over my blog wondering why I have not written anything in months. I read over the comments that have been posted from the beginning and it still amazes me what I went through to get baby J here safely. The comments and prayers from such dear friends and people I have never met brought tears to my eyes. I have had or having a rough time. Spiritually I am not were I need to be and that affects everything within me. I'm trying...trying hard! I know the Lord is with me cause thankfully I can still feel His presences. This to shall pass and my joy will be renewed but only with my Jesus' help.

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Here we come Mickey!!

I remember the day I made all the plans for our Disney trip. I posted on FB that we only had 160 days till Disney. That seemed like it was far away but it got here. It has been almost a month now but since before Thanksgiving...someone in our home has been sick and I haven't been able to sit and write. Well...even today, I'm at home and not at church cause Joseph and Jena are snotty and coughing. But I'm going to try and write something, even if it takes a few tries.
Our trip to Disney would wind up being the second busiest week of the year. The week of Thanksgiving. But oh well....we were going and our names were on the books. We left 45 minutes behind my schedule but with tears in my eyes we pull out of the driveway about 6:45 am Saturday morning. The tears were from leaving Jena behind. She was in great hands though. Her aunt Cretia was gracious to take off work and stay with her for us. Jena is too little and was sick, so she stayed home. Even though it was tough it was the best decision.
Our first stop was around 7:45 and a false alarm with Jaci but Joey and I got us some coffee, 2nd stop around 10:45am, which was potty break for everyone and to find a drug store for cough drops and cough medicine at the local Walgreens. I ran in and when I came out it was a funny sight. Joey had Joseph and Jaci out side doing jumping jacks. I guess getting their blood flowing in their fannies for some more sit down time. I was wishing I had my camera. By the time we got gas and back in the road it was 11:15. We had gone 257 miles and that meant only 215 miles to go. The ride was good for the kids thanks to Scott and Dawn for letting us borrow their DVD player.
The next stop came after we got into Florida and we stopped at the rest area and I had packed us stuff for lunch. That was fun and relaxing. While I made sandwiches, Joey and the kids ran around getting some exercise. We ate and the kids played some more and then we were stop....The Disney All-Star Resort!!!
We pulled in at 4pm. And we were ready to get out and stretch. Jaci said that this would be home for the next 5 days. Check-in took some time and our dining plans were taken care of and we were ready to go to our home for the next 5 days. Just your normal hotel room but with Mickey ears!! We unpacked and then it was time to try out this dining plan. This turned out to be great. Joey, Jaci and I got meals and were able to share with Joseph. There was plenty of food to go around. We didn't do much this night just hung out at the resort anticipating the next several days.

Sitting back looking at this makes me think of the many things in life that we anticipate.
~Christmas presents
~the birth of a child
~that phone call from our loved one or a friend
~eating that dessert you made or someone else
~eating your next meal
~your next vacation
~a warm cup of coffee
~a babies first word or step
~getting out with friends or family
~girls night out
~a trip to the mall
~going to church, wishing I could be there now

So many things we anticipate but none of these should we anticipate like we should anticipate our relationship with Jesus Christ. Who is the reason for this season, the reason that we even have a Christmas Day. Jesus is not only the reason for the season, He is the reason for everything. Why? Cause He is everything and the reason we are here today. But yet so many do not choose Him. And they spend eternity with out Him. Our relationship with Jesus should be the most important thing in our life. Make Him to reason for everything...everyday.